Swedish Massage  $45/60min 

Developed by a Swedish physiology is a light massage using long, flowing strokes. This is a well known type of body work to give relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage  $60/60min  $90/90min

A massage that focuses on muscles under the top layer of muscles. It relieves severe tensions between muscles and the connective tissue.

Hot Stone Massage  $80/60min  $110/90min

A special massage that utilizes smooth, heated stones to massage other parts of the body while the therapist works on the other parts of the body. The heated stones is beneficial to muscle relaxation.

Duet Massage  $120/60min  $180/90min

A Deep Tissue massage where two people can be massaged in the same room together. One can also request to have two people massage oneself.

Therapeutic Massage  $90/60min  $120/90min 

A special massage designed to give someone therapy over relaxation.

Thai Massage  $80/60min  $120/90min

A massage that involves stretching. The therapist puts someone into series of yoga-like positions to get them relaxed and energized.

Express Massage  $40/30min